Most recently, we already highlighted for you how a Team race  expires with us. Today it is about the corresponding counterpart, the individual race.

If you use our Indoor track with more than 20 or our Outdoor-Bahn with more than 25 people want to rent or planning a larger event, a single kart race is for you. We will now explain how this works for us.


If you decide for a kart single race, first all drivers start with a qualifying. For this, all racers will be divided into two or more smaller groups, as for capacity reasons no more than the above-mentioned number of people can drive on our tracks at the same time.

We create a ranking from the best lap times of all participants. With the help of this ranking we make the division for the final single kart race. Depending on the size, this will take place either in two or more smaller groups. In the case of a division into two groups, the upper half of the ranking (A group) and the lower half of the ranking (B group) will race against each other.


The A and B groups will each drive one qualifying session after the other to determine their starting positions. They will then step on the gas and the two intra-group finals will take place one after the other.


The fastest three riders of the A-final will be the winners. If desired, our race organizers will select them during an award ceremony. We recommend individual kart races especially if there is to be a clear winner at the end of the race event.

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