For many of today’s Formula 1 drivers, karting was the first step into motorsport. In this article, we have summarized for you what karting has in common with Formula 1.

Many Formula 1 drivers did their first laps on the racetrack in a kart. The design of karts is based on pedal cars and has little in common with the structure of a Formula 1 car, but karting trains numerous muscle groups and general fitness, which are later beneficial in Formula 1.


A kart can reach speeds of 130 km / h; the so-called super karts even manage 280 km / h. Many famous Formula 1 drivers had their first driving experience in a kart. Thus, over the years, karting has become the sport with which you can best get into single-seater motorsport and especially Formula 1.

In our kart school, our experienced trainer teaches you the most important basics of karting. Discover our indoor and outdoor track and get a feel for the sport.


Karting teaches important basic techniques such as discipline and the ability to move a vehicle as quickly as possible over a course. You will quickly notice that karting requires a certain level of physical fitness. Just like later in Formula 1, it is therefore important to do regular fitness training if you want to go karting at a professional level.

As with most sports, in karting, the sooner you start, the greater the success. First exercise and gaining experience in karting can be done at the age of 8. Discover our special offers for children. In this way, the new sport can be tried out in a playful way in special junior karts and you can quickly see whether your child is talented and enjoys the sport.


In our kart school we teach young and old the most important basic terms and the first feeling for the sport. In addition, there is the opportunity to take part in smaller first races and compete with others.

As with all sports, the same applies to karting: Practice and endurance make perfect. In addition to the joy of driving, you also need a certain discipline.

However, if you only look at the muscle groups used, karting and Formula 1 turn out to be very different. Karting puts a lot more strain on the forearm muscles, while Formula 1 as a high-performance sport affects the whole body.

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