You have never driven a kart and you are wondering what to watch out for on a kart track? In addition to some general rules of conduct, there are various flag signals that you should be aware of so that safety can be ensured.

Multiple track guards are always positioned on our tracks, waving and holding different flags to show you how you should behave in certain situations. We use the following flags on our kart track:


The national flag of Germany is mainly used at racing events and signals the start of the race. This flag is usually not used in training runs.


When one of our track guards holds the blue flag, this should signal that a faster kart is close behind you. Then, please prepare to let the other driver overtake.


If the yellow flag is waved, danger is signaled on the track! For all drivers, this means driving slowly and paying attention. Until all-clear, there is an absolute no-overtaking ban.


The black flag is always held up in connection with a start number. The kart with the corresponding kart number must then drive into the pit lane within the next lap. The reason for the break is a technical defect in the kart or, in the case of racing events, a time penalty that must be held.


If the red flag is being waved, the race must be abandoned or interrupted. Accordingly, all drivers have to go into the pit lane.


If the black and white checkered flag is waved, the race or training run is over. You should therefore go to the pit lane at the next opportunity.

Of course, we always give you a briefing before you go karting at our place, in which all the flag signals are explained again to you. All other rules and how a kart works will also be briefly described so that nothing stands in the way of safe driving fun!

Do you want to try out karting? Book your training runs conveniently in advance – we look forward to introducing you to karting on our routes.

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