Are you still looking for an extraordinary gift for the upcoming Christmas feast? Forget about the next pair of socks or another unloved kitchen device and give away unforgettable moments in our kart center!


You would like to give away a great day with us, but you don’t know yet how it should look like?

If you want to remain flexible, simply buy one of our vouchers. You can set the value yourself and the voucher can be used in our entire establishment. For an exciting game on our bowling alley, a fast race on our karting tracks, or for refreshment afterwards in our restaurant – the recipient can decide for themselves how they want to spend their day at the Ralf Schumacher kart center.

Our vouchers do not have an expiry date, so you can conveniently find a date on which the recipient can use their gift. You can purchase the vouchers either in our online shop or at the cash desk during our opening hours.


If you prefer the present packaged in a chic way and would like to give away something tangible, you can choose one of our gift sets.

The gift set 50 includes a silver-colored metal box and a voucher worth 50 €. The 50 plus gift set is also suitable for kart enthusiasts who have never been with us. A balaclava is also included here, which must be worn under a rental helmet when going karting.

You can also put together a gift set yourself. Simply choose the gift box, a voucher with the value of your choice, and the appropriate accessories and you have an individual gift set tailored to your needs.


Alternatively, you can give away experiences at our kart school or one of our racing events.

We also offer our go-kart school for young drivers from the age of 8. There are various kart school modules for adults, in which our kart instructor shows his students how to optimize their driving style in theoretical and practical units.

If you cannot decide which gift is the right one for you, we would be happy to advise you on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. by phone on 05195 982050.
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