Would you like to rent one of our lanes with more than 20 people in the indoor area or 25 people in the outdoor area or are you planning a team building event? Then a team kart race is just right for you. But how exactly does such a race actually work?


If there are more than 20 people on the indoor track or 25 people on the outdoor track, you have the option of having a kart team race carried out by our race managers from the Ralf Schumacher kart team. First of all, all drivers start with a qualifying: Our race management divides the entire group into two smaller teams, as not all drivers can drive the qualifying at the same time for reasons of capacity.

From both qualification results we create a list with the best lap times. With the help of this list of the best, the race management will create teams of the same strength as possible, each with at least two drivers. With two drivers per team, the driver with the fastest lap then drives in a team with the driver with the slowest lap time. The second fastest driver drives with the penultimate driver in a team – and so on. After the division into the groups, the kart team-race can start!


From the respective starting positions, which result from the best lap times of the qualifying, a fast race begins! Optionally, you can conduct another qualifying within the newly formed teams. The teams decide for themselves which driver should start and when the driver change will take place. On the fly, driver 1 then drives into the pit lane at the strategically chosen point in time and changes over with driver 2 as quickly as possible, who then moves into the race for the team. This is how an exciting race develops and in the end it shows which team has chosen the best strategy. The race ends when the time runs out – the three teams that have completed the most laps within the race time and reach the finish line first emerge as winners. Upon request, our racing manager from the Ralf Schumacher kart team will be happy to hold an award ceremony afterwards.


The format of a kart team race is characterized by its dynamism and the strategic actions of the teams. All participants are equally involved in the race over the entire duration, so it is also ideal as a team building event!

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