Are you looking for a very special challenge? Then take a lap on our wet outdoor track and experience a completely new driving experience.

We recommend karting enthusiasts who are looking for a special challenge or a change of pace to take our outdoor route on a wet road. Appropriate rain suits are of course sufficiently available and are provided free of charge. The experience of the last few years shows that driving in the rain is a very special attraction and a great driving pleasure. We have collected a few tips for you to ensure that the exciting ride in the rain is a success.

Karting on a wet track gives you a completely new driving experience. In order to drive good times, however, this also means that a different driving style than on dry roads is required. It is not without reason that you recognize a good kart driver by his performance on a wet track. The kart has less grip overall on a wet track, which is why it makes sense to adapt your driving style to the conditions. In order to master this challenge as well, the following tips should be followed:


When it is dry, the ideal line leads along where the karts drive most frequently, because a light rubber layer forms there due to the regular tire wear. When the rubber of the tires meets the rubber of the track, the kart driver has maximum grip! If the track is wet, however, the situation is completely reversed. As soon as moisture hits the rubber layer of the track, a slippery film is created and a lot of grip is lost. In order not to lose any time, it is important to avoid the ideal line. If the ideal line inevitably has to be crossed at one point or another, care should be taken to incorporate as little steering or braking maneuvers as possible in order not to drift.


Proper traction is of course crucial, especially in the bends, in order not to skid. That is why it makes sense to drive the curves more centrally to the outside, because these are the places where there is the least rubber surface and therefore the most grip. Of course, this means that you have to take a longer journey overall. However, the kart driver will quickly notice that the curves that have been driven still have a positive effect on his overall time, because this way, driving errors can be avoided.


In order to get more grip, it can help to put a lot of grip on the front axle. This can be achieved, for example, by turning hard to maximize the steering effect. In addition, a kart driver can achieve better traction by shifting his weight at the right moment. When turning into a curve, the upper body should be moved to the front edge on the outside of the curve.


Last but not least, it can of course be helpful to observe how the passengers act to find out where there is the most grip. Observing at which points the opponents drive along, at which points they brake and at which points they slide, can help to improve orientation, especially in the first laps.

Hopefully with these tips you too will soon dare to experience pure driving fun in the rain and dare a new challenge on our outdoor route.

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