Would you like to go-karting with friends or colleagues, but you have never been to a kart track before? We explain the most important rules and the meaning of the different flag signals to you.

If you have internalized all the rules, the next kart race will be pure pleasure and you can concentrate fully on the race and the driving pleasure. By the way, everyone over the age of 8 and 1.35 m in height is allowed to go karting. The karts and the tracks meet the latest safety standards – so karting is a safe pleasure.


Even if karting is a leisure activity, there are rules that need to be observed. This keeps driving fun safe and the risk of danger very low. As in road traffic, the top rule is also on the kart track: You are not allowed to drive under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs. We also exclude those who take medication that impair their ability to drive from the Kart fun.


In addition to alcohol, drugs and certain medications, there are a number of other reasons why you are not allowed to go on the kart track. These include chronic back problems as well as cardiovascular diseases and pregnancy. While karting is a safe leisure activity, it is physically demanding. Especially since it can lead to hard bumps, collisions and jerking while driving. Please also ensure that you wear suitable clothing. Shoes with high heels, flip-flops, scarves, chains and the like represent a high risk when driving a kart and are therefore also not allowed on the kart track. Bring sturdy shoes and make sure that you do not wear loose clothing or jewelry that could get tangled in the kart.


Before you can get into one of our karts, you will receive protective equipment from us. This includes a road-legal helmet and, if necessary, a neck pad. If you borrow a helmet from us, you have to wear a balaclava underneath for reasons of hygiene. You can also purchase these from us, if you do not have your own. You are also welcome to bring your own motorcycle helmet.

In the kart, the accelerator pedal is on the right, braking is done with the left foot. If you need help, put one arm up, but be sure not to get out. A member of staff will come to your aid.

The top priority on the kart track is fairness! Karting is not a contact sport. Intentional ramming is not desirable. We reserve the right to punish unfair and / or dangerous behavior and to exclude the troublemaker from driving.

The most important rules and behaviors while driving are summarized for you as clear bullet points:

  • Get familiar with the kart and the track on the first lap.
  • Make a note of where the pit entrances, the race director and the marshals are.
  • Intentional blocking is just as forbidden as driving in zigzag lines.
  • Deliberate ramming of an opponent is prohibited.
  • Always watch out for slower and inexperienced kart drivers.
  • If you feel sick, drive back to the pit lane immediately.
  • Green light: the race begins.
  • In the pit lane: always drive at walking pace.


There are a total of four flags in different colors on our indoor and outdoor go-kart tracks.

Blue: Let faster drivers overtake.

Yellow: Danger zone. Drive slowly, not side by side and do not overtake another kart.

Black and white checkered: checkered flag. Complete the current lap and then head into the pit lane.

Black: Warning. Drive slowly into the pit lane to the race director.

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