What would motorsport be without exciting duels? Even if you overtake another kart, there are a few things to consider in order to maintain fairness and safety.

In this article, we reveal tips and tricks on how you can use the right skills to leave the people in front behind you on your next visit with us.

A good prerequisite for overtaking is always to know the route well. This is the best way to assess at which point it makes sense to start a position battle.

There are basically two different ways of overtaking other karts.


Good opportunities to overtake the kart of the person in front are generally found when entering a curve. If the opponent uses the ideal line, he drives straight through it: He drives from one side of the track to the other band until he reaches the apex of the curve. Then he can be carried out to the other side to exit the corner and then accelerate out of the corner. To prevent this, the driver behind sits down next to the opponent when he reaches the apex, in order to slow him down slightly and thus prevent him from accelerating out of the way.

With this variant, however, great caution is required! If you brake too hard, it can happen that the driver throws the contrahent off the track – which of course shouldn’t happen.


Another opportunity to overtake a kart arises when the opponent uses the battle line in front of a curve. As soon as the person in front starts the curve inwards, there is a good starting position to drive through the curve with more momentum over the ideal line. In this way, he can overtake the opponent’s kart at the end of the curve thanks to the excess speed he has gained.

This variant is more suitable for kart beginners but still has to be executed properly in order to work.

If you would like more tips on how to overtake properly when karting and other topics such as ideal line training or braking and acceleration points, please visit our karting school! Here, our kart instructor will get you on track in theoretical and practical units.

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