The outdoor season is now officially over!

After six months of lockdown, we were finally able to open our doors for you again on Ascension Day. At first, due to Corona, we only started with the outdoor go-kart track, later we were also able to reopen our indoor track. After turbulent months with plenty of events, the introduction of our online booking, and after hosting countless visitors, the operation of our outdoor route is now going into the weather-related winter break.


We will be putting the outdoor route back into regular operation from April 2022. Until then, you can only book the route with optional reservations. Bookings are possible at the weekend for group bookings of 10 people or more for an exclusive track rental. If we can foresee whether the weather will be adequate or not, we will let you know whether your booking can take place. For reservations, please call us at 05194 982050.

Ticket rides are also possible if the weather permits. We also have to decide at short notice what is possible. However, there have been some mild winters with lots of outdoor action possible!

Otherwise, we look forward to stepping on the gas with you on our indoor track! You can book the 15-minute ticket rides online as usual.

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